Will the property pass a perc test?

A percolation test (perc test) is used to determine if the soil on a given property meets the county’s requirement for septic systems.  Each county has its own requirements so you’ll need to confirm with the county.

Several examples of how to run a perc test are available on YouTube. You essentially pour a specified amount of water into hole. Then you time how long it takes the water to seep out.

Please contact the county regarding their requirements.

May I go tour the property before I buy it?

Yes, we encourage you to go see it. Make sure you pull the GPS coordinates and research it online before you head out. There are several phone apps and mapping tools available.

Can I build a cabin or put a trailer on the property?

Most of the properties we sell do allow off grid type housing, but you really need to ask the local zoning to be sure. They will tell you what you’re allowed to do on the property.

Will you meet me at the property?

We usually don’t meet buyers at our land parcels. Everything we know about the property is on the listing. We’re happy to talk with you on the phone while you’re onsite.

Do you have any pictures of the land?

All the pictures we have are on the listing. We sometimes use pictures of the general area to show the terrain, horizon, etc.

Can we close with title insurance?

Yes, but title insurance can be cost prohibitive for most of our smaller parcels. We usually close by preparing a notarized deed that you record at the county. We’re open to talking with you about purchasing title insurance on any property, but keep in mind it’s can be expensive for smaller parcels.

Who records the deed at the county?

In most cases we ask you to record the deed. It’s pretty simple, and we’ll send instructions along with the deed.


The paperwork, timeframe and fees for deed recording are different for each county. Typical recording fees range from $15-25.

We create a notarized deed to transfer the property into your name. It’s important that the deed recorded at the county to reflect you as the new owner.


Some states have additional paperwork, which we provide, that needs to be filed along with the deed. We will prepare all necessary paperwork along with recording instructions.

How long does it take for me to get my deed?

Once we receive your full payment we mail you a notarized deed. Which can take as long as 1-2 weeks.

After you record the deed at the county they will mail original documents back to you. The turn around time varies from county to county.

What more can you tell me about the property?

Everything we know about the property is listed on this website. You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions. But as far as specific details we’ve tried to tell you everything we know about on the listing.

How should I take title to the property?

You may title the property in your personal name(s), company name or even in a trust. If you’re not familiar with buying property you may want to research what name to use. We encourage you to consult a real estate attorney as needed.

First American Title has an article on common ways to take title here.

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